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Outdoor led lightingLed building lighting for the facade

Long led building lifespan

Us product have Long lifespan: The average life expectancy is 80,000 hours That’s because once the front light of the outdoor building is installed, you won’t be able to replace the light very quickly. Our LED flood lights have a lifespan of 50 years if you turn it on for 8 hours a day. That’s the inherent nature of LED building flood lights.

  • Led lights have 50 million colors
  • Good for outdoor use
  • ip68

Heat dissipation

 Led building has a very efficient heat dissipation system thanks to epoxy glue in our luminaires. It consists of very dense aluminum fins and evenly distributed on the back of the heat source. This provides a large amount of surface area to exchange heat between the expanded and surrounding fins. Especially under very hot sun and weather, it primarily affects the life of the building facade light.

led building

Beam diffuses light

We use led building light diffusion plates to decide how to form light that changes the color of the building, you need to think about the beam angle of the lamp. The higher the value, the wider the light. For great color effects and different wall washers, you can choose to combine different angles. Our lights are made up of 3 basic colors: Red Green Blue.

  1. They are extremely precise and even at extremely high points none of their light is wasted. Traditional light bulbs, on the other hand, are multi-directional and disperse their light all over the place, sending most of the light where it is not required.
  2. They have a high color temperature that gives them the ability to reveal the true colors of objects. They help users to carry out tasks without experiencing visual discomfort. The lights also ensure surveillance cameras record minor details that are essential for security and safety.
  3. LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours, maintaining 70% of their illumination capacity to their life’s end. Some HID lights tend to shift colors with age – metal halides produce pinkish light at the end.

LED Shoebox Lights

Shoebox lights are used in areas that require broad-scope, intensely-bright lights. They pair perfectly with surveillance cameras, allowing them to record activities with ease – thanks to their high CRIs. LED shoebox lights have many advantages over HID lights. They are energy-efficient and are highly versatile. For this reason, they can be used to illuminate different environments and can be easily upgraded.

LED shoebox lights can directly replace 1000W-2000W HID shoebox lights and produce up to 60,000 lumens. Shoebox retrofit units can easily replace HID or fluorescent bulbs and lower both installation costs and time. The traditional bulbs are simply replaced with LED bulbs. LED shoebox fixtures have very little maintenance costs because of their long lifespan.

Đèn Led trang trí tòa nhà

These broad-beamed, high-intensity lights are perfect for sports venues and the exteriors of commercial spaces, thanks to their powerful lighting capabilities. They enable nighttime sports coverage, giving sports fans an excellent chance to let off some steam after a long day’s work. They can also be used to highlight beautiful landscapes, pathways, and monuments.

Flood lights can also be used as temporary light solutions for venues that have no permanent flood lights installed. There are two types of floodlights: directional and area floodlights. These two are classified by their capability to regulate their light’s distribution and intensity.

Directional flood building lights are commonly used in façade lighting and architectural wall washing. They can be used chieu sang toa nha to boost the visual appeal of architectural or structural features. Most area flood lights are found in outdoor stadiums, warehouses, and parking lots. These are areas that need high-intensity light that is well distributed.

LED outdoor flood lights are usually mounted with trunnion mounts, slip fitters, or straight arm mounts. Common shoebox light fixture wattage range between 400W and 1000W. Once you convert to LED, you will lower energy usage by up to 75% – even more if you add lighting controls.

High-quality flood lights are very sturdy and are built with aluminum casings to protect them from extreme temperatures, strong winds, rain, or storms.


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