Outdoor led lighting new 2019

[wps_youtube url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ki6MQlFVN2s” width=”600″ height=”400″ responsive=”yes” autoplay=”no”]Baochau adverstising is a company gives manufacturers a simple way to develop durable, leading LED Outdoor led lighting luminaires for building exteriors. The highly adaptable platform allows rapid product development for any project. And the single-source Chip on Board technology reduces points of failure in the product, and lowers development and manufacturing costs.

Architectural Exterior Lighting

The most noticeable difference between traditional parking lot lights like High Pressure Sodium and modern day LEDs is the color temperature. Notice the incredibly yellow tinge in the “Before” images to the left below. In the same yellow image take a look at the grass. The characteristic green color is almost indistinguishable.

  • Compare that to the same parking lot when it is illuminated by LEDs. The first thing that stands out is all of the green.
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Outdoor led lighting for Exteriors and Facades

The trees and grass appear almost exactly like they do during the day. That is a much more welcoming and comforting experience for tenants, customers, and/or employees frequenting the lot.

LED Lighting for Exteriors and Facades

Whether it is an LED lighting installation for dramatic effect or functional convenience, Powercor have considerable experience in the lighting of building exteriors and facades. Utilising Philips Color Kinetics we can also install unique installations that bring to life the imagination of architects and designers. There are endless ways to light up an outside space or building facade. You can rely on the highly skilled team at Powercor to advise on the appropriate products for each every installation.

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Whether a client wants their building to stand out or blend in, we can offer a variety of lighting solutions that can either subtly enhance an exterior or create a bold lighting statement, bringing visionary ideas to life through colour, intensity and set up.


From bold multi-coloured, dynamic lighting installations to gentle illuminations, Powercor have the ability to access a wide range of high quality lighting products to suit any requirements.


Exterior lighting helps give dimension to a building and the landscape surrounding it. Exterior architectural lighting is not about flooding every surface with light. Often highlighting a few structural elements with a spotlight or buried uplight is effective.

  • Washing walls with light can produce stunning effects making the exterior take on a different appearance once the harsh flood of daylight daylight has gone.
  • When designing the lighting of your exterior remember to think about texture, brick, stone and steelwork can all benefit for a carefully positioned projector floodlight.

Rather than just Landscape lighting space architectural lighting is commonly used for the exterior of commercial buildings to either pick out interesting parts of the structure, or floodlight entire surfaces. Be cautious when using uplights as these can easily create glare and light pollution which is undesirable. Consider also the users inside the space as badly positioned lighting can cause glare to those working as well as those making their way in and out of the building.

    • LED lighting which colour changes to match your mood or colour scheme, whether it be bar or reception.
    • There are many colour changing lighting options available whether you require wall washing, ceiling lighting or a light fitting (such as a pendant) for your scheme Lighting Styles can offer you many solutions.
    • If you know what you would like to achieve but are struggling to find a solution or inspiration please contact Lighting Styles team who will be happy to assist you.