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Management of an Exterior Illumination project that requires considerable as well as difficult setup is dealt with by our professional team.


Go in deepness and also calculate the lighting levels utilizing the software program that builds the building in 3D and also puts the lights as necessary

Present the client with a wholesome idea photo and each lights fixture to be utilized We offer a setup service (where it is called for) for all the products we supply. Before the installment of work, we submit the store drawing under the software program. In that software all the lights will certainly be put in the auto-cad file to discuss the lighting fixture. Customers will be discussed regarding Exterior lights dealing with technique, as well as its control accessing.


Execution maybe is one of the most complicated part in business of lighting layout. Building structures in city spaces-the skies scrape structures, ecological and also aesthetic policies, safety and security as well as danger variable are quantity of obstacles to our group.
Our engineering as well as experience team is well geared up with state of the art machinery. Allowing our labor force to perform our jobs with highest precision. We offer the best available tools and tools to our labor force to carry out with optimal effectiveness. Our organized technique to options has actually equated right into enhanced efficiency.

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We are geared of various projects help with smooth execution of erection of big as well as complex work at project websites.

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The horizon visibility is attained through up lights highlighting the glass and mullion framework at the crown guaranteeing the building is appreciable and also visible at a distance.

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The lights style suggested by us provides the one-of-a-kind personality and a lengthy variety presence, allowing it to be seen from miles away as a renowned enhancement to VietNam Sky line.

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We satisfaction ourselves to work with high our brand names with notable companies in VietNam and internationally. Our clients include Building firms, Developers, Installation Consultants, Owners, Facilities management companies etc. We have a group of innovative lighting designer, engineers and also technical team equipped with technical knowledge as well as wide range experience to produce innovative products. We aim in executing projects that highlight the client’s need, incorporated with innovative method that will eventually develop a significant landmark in the lighting sector.





At the outside appearance location, the wall surfaces of the advancement will be significantly lit, developing a comparison with the better exterior shell. A system of light releasing diodes is to be developed into the intersections of the mullion structure with the soffit in the facade. Each LED factor will be independently addressable as well as color changing with an RGBW system, permitting the development of spectacular tones as well as pearlescent shade gradients. A series of high powered projector lights will certainly clean the exterior curtain wall surface areas, skimming the elevations to avoid light trespass as well as improving the mullion structure as an outside shell.


The façade illumination stresses the distinct architectural functions of the structure to produce an inviting appearance during the night which can be seen from a distance.


With the innovation in innovation, we have actually been continuously making every effort tough to get to higher elevations with development, worth design and sustainable modern growth while doing so offering our valuable clients an extensive design service.
We have created a custom LED node together with our own specialized LED producer made particularly suitable for all sort of environment.

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The lighting design attracts inspiration from the sea and also the feeling of health spa as well as leisure, concentrating on clean calming elements interwoven with the normally sculpted landscapes to produce an atmosphere of tranquility and tranquility. The landscape journey is a sensory journey achieved via low degree lights which has been designed for beauty, whilst the frontage scheme subtly highlights significant upright elements and boosts building particular niches, while most of the structure is kept dark.